Why Choose Premier Pilates & Personal Training, LLC?

Premier Pilates &

Personal Training, LLC

Owner/Member Kelly Paquet AT, ATC


Kelly is a STOTT PILATES® certified instructor which is a contemporary approach to the original Joseph H. Pilates method. The STOTT PILATES® approach emphasizes good form and mechanics, assuring proper alignment of the spine and joints.  It focuses on maintaining the natural curves of the spine and executing each movement with good control.  Programs are based on each individuals needs verses a "cookie cutter" approach to exercise.


Pilates has many great benefits, including improved posture and core strength, increased mobility of the spine and flexibility of the muscles.  Pilates is great for building lean muscle mass and helping strengthen muscles in a balanced way.   This will decrease the risk for injury associated with many traditional exercise programs.


Kelly has over 18 years of sports medicine and athletic training background that she integrates into each exercise session.  Specific attention is paid to her clients when programming for Pilates or personal training to ensure a professional fitness experience. No matter  what your age or fitness level, Premier Pilates & Personal Training, LLC is the right choice for you.