Pilates classes(55 minutes) - Mat $90/6 week session, Springboard $105/6 week sessions

Pilates Individual Training  - $75/hour

Pilates Duet Training - $100/hour ($50 per person)

Personal Training - $75/Hour  - call or email for small group rates

Pilates Duet Training
Is exercise more fun with a friend?  Then bring them and enjoy the benefits of Pilates together.  Are you and your spouse are looking for a new activity to try together?   A Duet or Semi-Private session allows for the cost of the session to be shared. Exercise is always more fun when two people do it together.  Individual needs are still easy to accommodate in this setting. You will still get the benefit as if it were an individual session. 

Pilates Classes * Private Individual Training * Pilates Duet Training    

Personal Training * Small Group Training 



Premier Pilates &

Personal Training, LLC

Personal Training
Maybe Pilates isn’t your thing.  Kelly is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  Whether you are new to fitness or are already an avid workout buff, training with a professional can offer many benefits including decreased workout plateaus, ensured proper technique and increased energy.


Pilates Individual Training
Premier Pilates & Personal Training, LLC has STOTT PILATES ® SPX MAX reformers.  This is two pieces of Pilates equipment rolled into one, allowing for over 100 different exercise options.  Individual training is programmed to meet the specific needs of each client.  Perhaps you are new to Pilate's, then a one-on-one session may be better for you than starting in a large group setting.  Have you just recovered from an injury?  Then individual training may be the  best option so that the exercises can be designed to help facilitate your recovery and prevent further injuries from occurring.

Pilates Mat and Springboard Classes

Pilates classes are offered throughout the week.  Both beginner and intermediate level classes are available.  All classes incorporate small equipment such as bands, balls foam rollers and fitness circles allowing for a wide variety of exercises.

*Please email or call ahead for class availability